Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snail Vine

Vines have different uses in the garden.  The snail vine is a good example of this.  It does well with our Tucson sun and heat, but does not like the intense western exposure. However it does love sun, but just protect from the baking afternoon extremes of summer.  While the summer is hot and bright, this vine is a fast grower, but dip below 40 to 50 degrees and it takes a turn for the worse.  In my opinion, it takes moderate watering.  The less you water; the less it will grow.  Depending on the severity of winter, this vine may come back or it may die completely. This year was intense so I'm crossing my fingers.  I've grown this vine with much success, but I hate that it dies back in winter.  I accept other plants losing their leaves, but not this one:)  It has a nice tropical look and it's planted in our southern exposure.  My advice for this plant is to use it as a way to spice up an area for a period of time.  Have evergreen plants around it so that when winter comes, your eyes will be drawn to those plants until it comes back later on in spring.  It is has a twining habit so it will need support like string or a trellis.  Many southwestern gardeners use string and the vine happily clings to it. It has a lavender type flower that looks like a snail.  If I had to title the feeling with this plant, it would be "the fun guest" that pops in for awhile to make life interesting.  Gardening factor-easy to grow.  Give it room to get large as it can grow up to 20 feet. 

Several more vines to go and I'll have several special features coming up including a first for me on this blog from a special guest writer who just came back from Costa Rica with her pictures and diary notes. Stay tuned for more from the El Presidio Gardens.......


  1. The purple flowers look so cute and exotic.

  2. That is an odd-looking but interesting flower. I like it. That's a snail that is very much welcome in the garden.

  3. I grew one of those, and it was SWEEEEET! I didn't like that it died over the winter though. It sure did fill up a tall trellis pretty quickly. The scent of the flowers was awesome, and the flowers were very flamboyant :)


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