Friday, April 22, 2011

Italian Cypress

My final write on this series is about the Italian Cypress.  This is a popular plant for Tucson.  It's structural and adds definition to your garden space.  These can get quite large and tall.  Use this Cypress in repetition at corners or the entrance to a building.  You may see these placed around a walkway as a formal structure.  This Cypress, like most, require strong and hot sun.  You'll see this plant around town used in a lot of different ways.  Place around the corners of your home or near entrances....parkways. This plant defines space. It is drought tolerant and slow growing or at least that was my experience with it. You've been warned:) Again, this plant is popular with local wildlife, mainly birds, who like to nest in this giant. 

I wanted to share an observation about this cypress here in Tucson.  Lately, as of last year, I have noticed a decline in these plants.  Some groupings have totally collapsed and turned brown as if they were attacked by a parasite or insect....a blight. Along Speedway, near Pantano by an apartment complex, 5 or 6 trees just died.  I had this happen to one of my plants and I stopped trying to grow these in the landscape as it is hit or miss with this browning phenomena.  The worst part was that they were healthy cypress for so long and then it was a sudden and quick collapse.  Everything died.  The East side of town appears to be suffering from this attack while other parts of town show healthy and large specimens on their property.  It's a great plant if placed in the right spot so be aware.  Until next time.....


  1. That is so weird, I wonder what is killing them. I like these cypress also. The shape is so neat and they look great all in a row. I see them from time to time around here but not a whole lot. Can't wait to see your succulents. I am addicted too. I have a ton more that I have not taken pictures of yet or planted. Hee hee!

    Hey do you know who Monty is? He left a message on my last post but when I click his name his profile is blocked. I was wondering if he has a blog and maybe you know. Thanks!

  2. Hi Candy,

    It may be some blight that is affecting some parts of town or as simple as a drip line overwatering, etc.....but I have several friends that have watched their trees declining over the past couple years.


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