Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creeping Fig

I love this vine!!!  It's a climber and I experimented with it here at the Gardens.  I've skinned our palm and have this vine scaling up the side of this large monster.  This vine needs frequent watering at first and less later on once it is established. DO NOT place in direct sun or the leaves will fry off the plant, but don't place in complete shade or the plant will just shrivel up and die.  When I purchase a new plant for the garden, I buy several of them and place the new experiments in different areas around the garden.  Currently I have two healthy creeping figs that act in 2 ways.  1.  It acts like a ground cover searching for a structure to climb.  2.  It's a moderately growing climbing vine that clings to everything.  The small leaves on the vine are attractive and you can purchase this plant variegated or just green:)  Here's the secret.  I have these vines along our drip system and placed in spots where they get strong morning sun but afternoon shade.    They can take over buildings like our neighbors on both sides of the El Presidio complex.  These huge and older vines are on the shadier northern sides that get great morning sun.  They have no other function than to add that vertical green magic to a garden.  This vine survived our severe winter and came out green green green.  I like this plant a lot just because it has the tiny green leaves that make brown objects pop! Two more vines to go and we'll complete our vine series.  Until next time......


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