Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hall's Honeysuckle

Hall's Honeysuckle is an evergreen vine all year round.  I have to be honest that sometimes from a distance, I get the Confederate Jasmine and this Honeysuckle mixed up as they look somewhat similiar. The leaf on this vine is not as thick as the Confederate Jasmine and the flowers have a bell formation.  But they do have similiar growing habits.  The Hall's Honeysuckle is a twiner that sometimes needs a little guidance from the human gardener to move in the "right" direction.  It takes regular watering and did well during our Tucson freeze.  It likes bright light, but protect from the strong summer afternoon sun. This vine can get quite large and will add a lovely green look on a trellis.  I put this plant around a ramada and it has moderately grown up and around the trellis.  In some places, these can be considered invasive, but in Tucson, the ground is so hard that it keeps this vine in check. Hummers love this plant.  Look at how the flowers cluster on the vine.

This is the final write for the Tucson Vine Series. More garden journals will be coming your way as the desert heats up over the next month and a half.  I will have a couple posts and pics on what came back after our severe freeze and what didn't.....these are titled Recovery and appropriately.....RIP.  Tomorrow, I'll have for you the April Must Do's in our Tucson Gardens. Stay tuned for more in this busy Spring Gardening blog.

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