Friday, April 8, 2011

Tangerine Beauty Crossvine

I purchased the vine from this company.....I've found Monrovia is a great company with a high quality product.  Monrovia can be found at various plant centers around town.  Mine was purchased from Mesquite Valley Growers.

This high desert performer not only looks attractive in our desert landscape; it's also attractive to our hummingbird population.  The flowers are bell shaped and this vine prefers FULL sun.  It has an aggressive twining habit that will take over other plants or your trellis in no time.  It's fast growing and can get quite large at around 30 feet.  It takes regular watering at first, but once it's established it's a bit drought tolerant. During the winter, the vine drops its' leaves.  In fact, it doesn't really look attractive at all so keep that in mind if you are thinking about purchasing this plant.  This past year I had some issues with it as it didn't bloom for long in I did a hard cut to the ground and we'll see if this plant comes back up.  I also added a little fertilizer to the ground.  Otherwise it's a really nice vine to have around and it is highly recommended if you want something to be covered quickly in a sunny spot.  You can prune in winter and it is recommended that you do so.  I never had done it before so we'll see if my pruning did the trick this time.  Gardening factor:  Easy 
Common vine for the Tucson area.


  1. Vine came back and has beautiful flowers right now.

  2. How beautiful!! It looks a lot like my trumpet vine, which grows to monstrous size every summer. I cut mine back severely just so I could reclaim some garden space, but I think I"m in for a doozy of a battle this summer. It's not going to give up that easily!!

  3. Now this is what I'm talkin about! I love this color!!! sexy!!! :)

  4. where is a good place to buy these vines?

  5. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Here in Tucson, your best bet would be any of the nurseries that carry most plants ALL the time like Mesquite Valley, Harlow's, or Civano. These vines can also be found at cheaper places like Home Depot or Lowes but they may not have them in stock. Your best bet would be to call Home Depot. My two pics...Home Depot on Oracle and then Mesquite Valley at Speedway and Pantano. Good luck!


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