Monday, April 4, 2011


Not a twiner nor a climber, this vine can stand alone or use some guidance. It's easy to grow and survives extreme heat or cold.  My only recommendation is to keep it out of the strong afternoon sun.  These do have thorns on them and gloves are a must.  This evergreen vine adds winter interest in the garden while other plants are dormant.  It is drought tolerant and best planted in sunnier spots with some afternoon shade for best performance. 

The vine is common here in Tucson.  Sometimes it can look like a large bush if left unpruned.  It can get as high as 12 feet and just as wide....sometimes larger.  At El Presidio, these vines are located in the sunnier but afternoon shaded southern exposure. If you want something reliable, this vine is highly recommended and easy to grow. However, it is a slow grower here.  It likes a lot of sun and comes in many varieties.....some berries are red while others are orange or yellow.   Orange is popular here in Tucson, but I like the red berries and so there are two Cherri Berri Pyracantha on our property:)  Until next time.....


  1. Hi Rohrerbot,
    Pyracantha, an excellent choice for the garden as it provides colour for most, if not all of the year. White flowers followed by as you say, red, yellow or orange berries. We have a hedge of red/orange in the front garden as the thorns deter youngsters from climbing the railings.

  2. Beautiful! I need to get a female...I only have a male.


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