Saturday, April 2, 2011

The "Other" Jasmine for Tucson

Vines vines vines!!  There are so many to choose from at the nursery.  Yesterday I wrote about the sturdy dependable Confederate Jasmine.  Today I am going to examine the 3 other popular Jasmine vines that grow in Tucson. They are the 1) Carolina Jasmine 2) Arabian Jasmine  and 3) Pink Jasmine.  There are many more varieties of Jasmine, but these are the top three growing around town besides the Confederate Jasmine.  While the Confederate is THE top performer here, the runner up would be the Carolina Jasmine.  It grows well in Tucson, but needs a bit more watering and is a bit more frost and sun sensitive.
Carolina Jasmine

The Carolina Jasmine is a great vine for the Tucson area, but it does need some protection from the afternoon sun as the leaves can get scorched.  It also needs a bit more watering.  I have grown this vine in different locations around my home and it's a nice plant, but doesn't seem to really establish itself and needs my constant attention. When I leave it, the darn thing dies. This plant is an attractive twiner like its' siblings, but requires a bit of love during the summer months.

Pink Jasmine

Of the 3 listed here, the Pink Jasmine is the most difficult to grow.  It's much more sensitive to the desert climate than the Carolina Jasmine.  It looks nice in winter if there isn't any severe freeze. However, the summer sun is hard on this vine. It requires more water than the Carolina Jasmine and should get full morning sun.  This plant is too much effort to maintain.  People do grow this around their yards and love it, but I like a plant that can handle the harsh conditions of our desert without me constantly worrying.  This plant is blacklisted from purchases.  It loves morning sun and lots of it.....just be careful about the intense western sun. 

Finally, there is the Arabian Jasmine.  This is my favorite of the 4 Jasmines that I've written about in this series.  The smell of the flowers is out of this world, but here's the sad truth, this plant cannot handle our cold winters.  I have one on the property and I am not sure if it's dead or if it will spring back.  Past experiences tell me that the entire plant will probably be dead.  Again, not the best vine or groundcover for Tucson as it needs too much attention and regular watering.  I would say that Phoenix is probably a better place for this vine as it is warmer during the winter months.

If you must have a Jasmine vine, go with the Confederate Jasmine.  If that vine doesn't satisfy you, stick with the Carolina Jasmine. There are many more vines coming up in this series that will thrive in our Sonoran desert. Stay tuned for more.....

Pics taken from Desert Tropicals.....great site for desert plants....


  1. What such beautiful flowers! Love jasmine and their delicious parfum.

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  2. I grew carolina jessamine and confederate jasmine when I lived in SC. Confederate jasmine can't take our winters and is a houseplant here. For fragrance I'm growing mirabilis jalapa, or four o'clocks this year. It's not a vine but an easy shrubby perennial.

  3. I enjoyed looking at your posts and photos. Thanks for sharing.


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