Saturday, April 9, 2011

Freeze Damaged Citrus Plants

I hope you find this helpful. It's from Central Texas Gardener on damaged Citrus Plants from this past freeze. My focus this year has been on those plants that suffered extreme damage. While Tucson is a little different from Austin's gardening zone, we share many things in common. This video speaks of the damage done both to lemon and lime trees. It's extremely informative and I hope it helps. I have a specific Tucson citrus tree guide coming up on the 23rd. For now, here are some tips you should follow from Tom Spencer and gang.


  1. Thanks for sharing; I thought citrus is crazy in Austin, but I guess with a few varieties and preparation to protect those every winter, can be a fun hobby. Is that how Tucson is, too?

  2. No in Tucson, we have quite a few more that we can grown. The sour orange is the old staple here....but grapefruit, tangelo, any orange, kumquat, tangerine do well......BUT lemon and lime are the only ones that would be the "hobby" part. The lemons did make a slow come back....however, the limes....totally fried. After this freeze, limes for me will go into pots only.

  3. And I forget...citrons are also risky.


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