Thursday, November 3, 2011

The World of Robin

 Here are some shots at the Garden of the Gods.  This write will be coming up in the next month.
 We'll also be heading over to some other places from several road trips in October.  October thru December are busy months.  More coming soon.....


  1. Ha!! There for a second....I thought that you were talking about me!

  2. Now that would be creepy!!:)However, I must admit that I thought of you when writing the title and wondered if you would catch it:) LOL!! Hope you're having a good week:)

  3. Wow, Garden of the Gods looks like a beautiful place! Two years ago, robins were at Sabino Canyon all winter and also blue birds and cedar waxwings. They are not usually seen here. I remember the robins chattering with each other.


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