Friday, November 4, 2011


Taken on Lake Titicaca(The Gateway Of Travel)
Every month, I try to pick a central theme and topic to write about from my travels, garden, and experiences.  This month, I'll be featuring places from the beautiful country of Guatemala.  Many of the pics were taken with my old camera, but I think they capture the spirit of the places we went to visit back in 2006.  While we're looking back at some older memories and flashbacks to places I've been, I'll continue updating on the progress in the El Presidio Gardens.  This is truly the last month of lovely weather here in Tucson for plants as we begin our cooler nighttime temps.  I'm just hoping that the weather is a lot nicer this year on the plants than it was this past February.  I don't want to go through that again. 
The Gateway of Gardening
Some improvements are coming to this blog as well.  As my writing has increased (and my independent studies) so have my photographs.  I've always loved photography, and I don't know why I've never treated myself to a nicer camera before.  I began with a 60 dollar camera, later a 100 dollar camera, and then a 400 dollar camera.  As with everything in life, the stronger my abilities get; the more I need better equipment to capture "those shots".  I'll be converting to a 800 dollar camera in December with new features that weren't on my previous camera.  You all have taught me lessons on how to snap a stronger shot with a "feel" to them.  It's not just about getting the shot as it is about capturing the emotion behind it.
A Gateway of Design
Finally due to a fixed budget:), I've had to plan out trips here and there for my photo shoots as they can cost money.  In several upcoming posts scheduled for December, we'll take you to Walnut Creek Canyon near Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.  I hadn't been there for over 30 years so it was a lot of fun to head back.  I'd like to hike there with my brother sometime down the road.   We'll also be revisiting several Tucson traditions during this wonderful holiday season.  Of course, we'll be heading back to Wisconsin during the Christmas holiday season.  I hope to get some cold and chilly pictures from Woodland Dunes Park in my hometown of Two Rivers.
A Gateway of Reflection
Some may say that this blogging is too much.  It's not.  This blog has changed my life for the better.  I was an angry person stuck at a job that is facing change.  A friend once told me that writing made her feel "balanced".  When I looked back over my life, I discovered that I am a very curious person with a wanderlust for all things new and exciting.  These writings and photography shoots have made me whole again.  I've been able to educate people on nature and our environment while learning new things in the field everyday.  Gardening is fun and so is the exploration of the mind and spirit.   Our lifetime is a but a drop of water in an immense ocean of space and time that surround us.  Like this blog post suggests, these writings are but a "Gateway" to a better place. 


  1. Dear RB, love this post, with the quite mystical gateway theme. I am very happy to participate in your exploration of mind and spirit. Blogging for me is also very important and gives me a thinking and creative and sharing space. Look forward to seeing the results from the newest camera. cheers, cm

  2. I'm happy for you to be getting a new camera but don't fool yourself into thinking that the price tag on the camera is equivalent to the quality of the photos!

  3. It's amazing what a blog can do for you! I happy that your blog has made some positive changes in your life!

    With regard to the camera, it will be one year next month since I received my new camera as a BD present. A better digital camera is quite a learning curve! I could shoot anything with my 35 mm. I must admit that it's really taking some time to learn how to use this camera. The book leaves out a lot of steps. I know that I've only scratched the surface with it's capabilities after one year!

  4. I love that gate, it doesn't look like cemented with anything! I wonder how the rocks stay in place. Don't you feel afraid it might just crumble on you!

  5. One step at a time. Yesterday's camera was a must for today's experience. As much as writing to fix and/or reflect on one's thoughts.

  6. It has stakes on the bottom that keep it down. With the bougainvillea in the pots, the woody branches keep it in place:) It's absolutely beautiful with lots of gorgeous red leaves.

  7. I can really relate to your perspective. I was a writer who wasn't writing until I started blogging. I enjoy it even if others "don't get it". They don't have to "get it"!

  8. this made me very happy
    thank you...I do love reading your blog


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