Monday, November 14, 2011

Nature's Bullies

Lately I've been in a reflective mood as is the case during this time of year.  And this month is a showcase of images that I've snapped from over the past several months.  Today's photo feature deals with bullfrogs in Tucson.  I grew up catching frogs and then releasing them back into the water.  So while at times they gross me out, I think they're quite fascinating.  Here in Tucson during our monsoon, the Colorado River Toad can be seen after a good rain event.  Or during a hike, you might spot a Canyon Tree Frog, but it's the rare treat to actually hear and see bullfrogs around our Sonoran desert.
While at the Sweetwater facility, I found several of them wrestling around in the water.  I'll call it "wrestling", but it could be something else they were up to....:)
Here they are locked in an embrace of some kind.  I had arrived at this facility totally unaware that bullfrogs were swimming around, but I heard their sounds and saw some "action" going on near some reeds.  And so it was.....I came to get duck pictures, but ended up with some fun bullfrog photos. 

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