Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Death Trap

Taking a break from "memory lane", I thought I'd bring up an issue I'm having with the property.  One of the garden spaces is almost complete.  I've added a hummingbird feeder that attracts 3 different kinds of hummers and a birdseed feeder for the others. 
Here's the issue.  I love cats, but I'm not loving the feral cats outside.  One year, I had a campaign to get rid of them because there were so many hanging out on our property.  Today 3 or 4 of them are left.  I wasn't able to capture them in our live trap because they were too clever.  Well, yesterday, during a Snow White and the 7 Dwarves moment, I was sipping my coffee writing.  My cats were hanging out with me sleeping on their backs by the sunny windows.  And then I hear a terrible bird sound.  Not the happy chirp chirp chirp.  It was like, "AAHHHHHHHHHeeeeeeeeee!!!!"  I knew something was up when both my the black cat and white cat ran to the window and didn't try to kill each other.  They dislike each other very much, but today they joined forces to see what was going on outside. So did I.
Luna-The White Kitty.  I know she'd love to catch birds on her own if she could:)  She makes an excellent mouser.
I looked out the window and discovered that one of the white feral cats had caught a bird.  The bird was about to die and there would have been nothing I could have done to help it without watching it suffer more....and then die. I think I felt disgusted by it all and a bit angry.  I know it's a cat eat bird world out there, but it made me think.   How many cat owners allow their cats outdoors?  And how many cats eat our local birds, lizards, and bugs?  It's quite shocking, but the answer is A LOT!  And then I remember our coyotes and hawks and am greatful for their services:) And I LOVE that is hard for me to watch as well! So while I'm feeding our local bird populations; I've also set the scene for Russian Roulette in their world. Perhaps they will feed well today or perhaps not. I just hope they keep their views open for a quick fly away from the evil feral and hungry cats.

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  1. Oh that is sad, but it is terrible only if you see it happening or hear it. Our own cats sometime eat birds, and they just bring them home, or sometimes we just see the feathers. That is their life and the web or food chain remains. In your case, it is just really a death trap, LOL!


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