Friday, November 4, 2011

The Photographers

The 1 O'Clock art gallery pics over the past several weeks have been brought to you by we 3 photo nerds:) We had a "photo off" or contest while in Colorado Springs and snapped lots of fun shots all around town. 
Apparently, it was also fun snapping shots of each other taking those pics.....I didn't get that memo:)  In the upcoming weeks, I'll have special features on our trip to Colorado and Northern Arizona.  After these photo shoots and lectures, I find myself exhausted and mentally depleted.  So I edit pictures and prepare my writings for the upcoming months while heading out for more photo shoots.  It's endless and sometimes very exciting. 
Of course, we had some fun and there was some "planking" involved.  I'll still never understand what that's all about.....but it happened.  Hope you enjoyed the gallery.  There will be more to come this month and into next.  Until tomorrow.....


  1. Beautiful blog...

  2. I'm 42 with an almost 20 yr old son and a 16 yr old daughter so I hear about all the latest/weirdest/coolest trends, but the allure of planking mystifies me. Maybe it's the thrill of the absurd. But adults who plank? Umm.. yeah, ok. Whatever makes you happy!! Reading your blog always makes me happy! :o)

  3. ha ha...I plank
    and I wished I was with you camera nerds
    looks like you had fun

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Planking reminds me of my dragonflies...

  5. Planking also reached our shores, and they use it in rallies so authorities will hear their side. 'Photo opts' or photo opportunities is always part of a groups fun!


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