Friday, November 18, 2011

Lighting the Torches

A great plant that endures the winters frosts, intense western and southern sun of summer, and takes very little watering once established, the Torchglow Bougainvillea makes the perfect plant for our Tucson gardens.  This compact plant grows tall and shines bright with plenty of sun.  In fact, this bougainvillea outperformed several other bougainvillea varieties from our historic frost. 
I have a western exposure with very little space.  Recently I completed one section and I'll be working on the 2 other skinny planters this winter.
This is a tall plant without the big thorny thorns that are traditionally found on most bougainvilleas.
I rarely water this section at all, and they thrive on the neglect.  Again, this all happens once they have been established.  Check out several of our bougainvillea around the property from over the past year.
I look forward to the growth and color that this structural plant will add to our sunny sides at El Presidio.  Torchglow or Bangkok Red Bougainvillea do well in Tucson.  For colorful bracts, plant any bougainvillea in direct sun.  The more shade it has; the more it will just produce green leaves.  If the plant freezes back, don't trim until spring.  The root system is vigorous and will produce new leaves and stems in April.  With some fertilizer, the plant will grow fuller, lusher, and sexier than before!  Plus I also love how this plant looks again stucco. Stay tuned for more! 


  1. I didn't know bougainvillea needed so little water. I only wish we could get away with it here! That torch red is incredible...

  2. It's amazing how much neglect they take! Of course, it's only when they're established and best placed into the ground during the warmer months.


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