Friday, November 18, 2011

Work It!

Recently I headed over to the Tucson Botanical Gardens to sign up for some volunteer work and this lizard was hanging out on the cement.  He looked over at me and waited for me to snap his pic.....and so I did.  It was almost comical and reminded me of my cats. 
Do you ever have days like this?  When you just want to chill and shut your curtains, turn off your phones, lock your doors, and just not do anything?  That's me this time of year. Sometimes I'd love to live the life of a hermit:)


  1. This looks like a big lizard. Usually they scurry away but this one posed for you instead.

    I used to have days like that...

  2. wauw I love lizard. you're right, sometimes people want to hide anything. may be different from a lizard to be in place:)

  3. Your cats would probably love to have a bite of this guy!


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