Friday, November 25, 2011

The Strange Black Book

My fierce snow wolf.....Anastacia Lewis Petakobitchka with my little sister....playing with fire
These photos would be some of my first photography efforts.
While on a closet cleaning expedition, I discovered a long lost black book of memories.  I've always been fascinated by writing and creative ideas.  I never went into the writing field because it didn't seem like there was any money in it.   And yet it's something I love to do....and create!  Evidence of this is captured in my little black book from the late 70's.  As a kid, I wrote down ideas for superheroes, songs, interesting words, and short stories.  Opening it up was like going back in time and remembering the goofy things I did.   I was around 8 or 9 years old and my writing is fact, it's rather humorous.  But the book reminded me of what I missed the most from my imagination!  Today, it's still there in my garden and work:)  Here are some things that stuck out from this little black book.....
A picture taken back in '84 shows a gentler puppy.
Apparently, my plans were to become a father of 3 kids, a zoologist or pet store owner.....which I am none of today:)  But I was fascinated by super heroes as a boy, Egypt, dinosaurs, fantasy, animals, music, and death.  I created lists of super heroes, wrote several short stories which you may have never read like, "I Pitty the Fool Says Sister Esther.", "The Ghost Squirrel that Got Ran Over", and "Indian Times Has Gone Out of Smarts." Classics.  Unfortuneatly, I cannot find this prized collection of writings.  I look at my spelling and wonder how in the world I ever made it through grade school!!!  Simple mistakes like, "to vs. too" or "here vs hear".  I cringe at it all.  And let's not mention the terrible hand writing.
The Dark Knight
I apparently wrote music....mostly funeral dirges dedicated to dead pets like the infamous tune for my black feline friend who died at an early age from feline leukemia.  If you watch a "Game of Thrones" or have read the books, you may understand this next bit.  My cat was to me like the wolves are to the Stark children.  The cat was "Pokey" or as some liked to call him, "The Spawn of Satan."  I remember I hated my babysitter so much that we cornered her and my siblings using my secret cat powers to tell Pokey to attack.  He was a vicious thing as most Siamese-Burmese cats are, but we worked in sync together and the day he died was probably the saddest thing that had ever happened to me because you see, I had never lost anyone or anything during this time in my life. We were all immortals and what a wonderful thing it was! My faithful warrior kitty was gone.  Pokey would follow me around the house and together we'd attack and bring down tattle tale siblings. Their blood curdling screams were payback for going into my room and playing with my Star Wars toys or for constantly getting into things that would drive my parents crazy! Being the eldest is a tough job.  Losing my side kick was terrible and made me write several dirges titled, "Look at My Soul", the infamous "Rest in Peace Now" or just simply, "Pokey".
While cute in this picture, Pokey Mus Doon could turn moods quickly and strike fear in hearts of others.
Unfortuneatly my work was never discovered by the major music labels and it would collect dust in old cardboard boxes:)  We would later adopt a snow puppy by the name of Anastacia Lewis Petacobitchka.  She would be my wolf in the winter snows of Wisconsin and replace my dark knight as my protector from the evil Rohrer clan.  We'd create snow caves and with the magic words, "Burrito Beano!"  my white dog would fly through the snow invisible to other human beings and knock down my naughty siblings.  She would drag them back to the cave where they would meet the ultimate snow washing on their faces. RIP to both Stacy and Pokey.
After Pokey's tragic death, I had to train a new soldier to take her place.  Sure she looks cute here, but Stash(nickname) would turn into one of my greatest allies against the Rohrer dynasty.
Several top songs that I loved back then were Bonnie Tylers' "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and Olivia Newtons "Twist of Fate".  Apparently I loved them so much that I copied down the lyrics.....poorly. I was, and still am fascinated by the world's cat population.  People will ask, "What's your favorite animal?"  Well you can't do that to me because you have to include the air and water as favorite animal=cats; favorite bird=owls; and favorite water creature=dolphins.  I found something that did however strike a chord with me today some 30 odd years later.  The paragraph reads like this, "My mind is full of adventure.  I love animals, science, and music.  I love taking pictures of animals."  These truths still remain but now extend into the photography of plants and gardens....and of course the little adventures that make our lives interesting. It's amazing what a little black book of writing will do to a person.
Of course, a new kitten would be introduced into our home by the name of Maxine.  She would live 23 years. Here she is eyeing up our pet guinea pigs.

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