Sunday, November 6, 2011


Good blogging requires good record keeping.  Today we had an amazing workday at El Presidio with homeowners and their tenants.  Thank you EVERYONE for all the wonderful work you did around our homes!!  You've helped me focus and get a jump start on the next several projects which will complete the front and side gardens.  I'll also be looking into a spherical water fountain in a cobalt blue color over the next several weeks.  However, if any of you have ideas, I'd love to hear them.  I've enclosed a video inspired from the detailed and daily routine gardening blog of a Garden on Sherlock Street.  The author of the blog has really helped me look at things....such as the good and bad when it comes to plants....and making personal notes about the garden.  She's also taught me a lot about recording down ideas, planting times, etc.  While the two of us live on opposite sides of the country, there are still general basic gardening truths that I've learned from her. So thank you gardening friend for your advice and thoughts over the past year or so....It's hard to imagine that I'll be coming up on two years with this blog already.  Seriously, where does the time go?  A couple things on the video.  One.  It sounds like I am out of breathe.  I'm okay....just a heavy breather and my camera picks up sound really well.  Second.  I have a lot of energy, but after our workday, I was tired while filming.  I figured I better get the filming done before our rain event tonight. Oh's also cold here!!  We're flirting with our first frost tonight.   Anyhow, I'm excited about the future of this place we call home!  For every step backward, we make two forward....and that's progress.


  1. The video was great. I really have a better idea of the scale of your property now. So many different planting areas. It all looks well maintained after your clean up. The pool transformation is going well. The courtyard will sound very good with a fountain. You really have beautiful trees. They look healthy.
    Thank you for the nice words about my garden blog. What a sweet surprise.

  2. Very nice to see it all - you have a lot more gardens than I had imagined. I love all the fruit trees that you have incorporated. I am glad you kept that lovey shape from where the pool used to be. It is a good idea to put a fountain there.

  3. Such a nice place! The most important work seems to have been completed and now the fun can start with the planting. It's a lot of "nooks" to be filled. So much work. Good luck.


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