Sunday, November 27, 2011


Today, I'd like to wrap up the Guatemalan posts just like we did for our trip in the village of Chichicastenango.  Why?  Well it's in this very large Mayan market place that you'll find lots of fabric and fun things to buy and bring home for friends and family.  We spent our last day here picking up a lot of souvenirs at a good price!
But plan ahead.  Chichi(the nickname here in Guatemala) only has market on Thursdays and Sundays.  It has been this way for a loooong time.   It was a great day and we did a lot of shopping.  There are a lot of shuttles that leave for this town from Antigua and it makes for a great day trip.  Also bring your camera.  There are a lot of great shots all over the place.  Many of you may wonder why I don't have a lot of pics of the people.  Well, here's the story.  Mayans are kinda weird about people taking shots of them.  Be careful aiming your camera here in this market place.  Always ask for the shot of the person before you make it.  Some believe that taking a picture of their person is actually stealing a piece of their soul.  Soul stealing, therefore, should be kept at a minimum:)  However not all people feel that way and there are ways to cleverly get your shots with people in this market place. Go to their extremely colorful fruit and vegetable square and snap a shot from above onto the square below.  You'll get a rich and colorful shot of the fabric, plants, and people!  I wasn't so fortunate as we got there a bit late.  To see this, you'll need to get there early in the morning.
I loved Guatemala and today it's one of my favorite places that I've gone to visit.  Looking at my old pics makes me want to go back and visit all over again.  For more info on Chichi, click here.  One last note for my Spanish speaking friends, please be careful using the word "Chichi" or "Chichis".  In Mexico, this word is used for "breasts"...well another word similiar....but you get the idea. But in Guatemala, it is used for this village.  Buen viaje!

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