Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cactus Brick Legos

Silly stupid me.  Have you ever done one of these? And before I begin, today's post has nothing to do with gardening, cactus, or landscaping!!!  This is what happened.  I saw something interesting this past year on Legos and a Cactus competition....or what I thought was going to be a cactus competition using legos.  In my mind, I thought, "Hey that's great Rohrer!  How fun would it be to see this competition as kids and adults alike build amazing saguaro cactus out of legos?!!!" So I headed over to the hall where it was all happening excited to get some great shots from people creating garden art. Taking a break from my Guatemalan adventures, here is my little mishap for the year:)
Yeah.  After sitting in the room for several minutes, I soon discovered my mistake.  The name of the group was Cactus Brick .  And it wasn't a "cactus" competition; it was a competition creating stuff with legos that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with cactus or gardening. At first I wasn't even going to write about it, but then I thought about it more. "No.", I said to myself, "People need to hear about this incident because it was something you were honestly doing for the blog and gardening."  So since I've dedicated today's write to legos.  Here is what I discovered at this adult legos conference in Phoenix.  Adults play with legos but are looked down upon by others in their age category.  As kids, it's cool to be a legos fan.  As an adult, you are an outcast.  So all the outcasts get together and make legos together.  They are smart people who live in their parent's basements making buckoo bucks because let's face and intelligence go hand in hand.  However these are rumours and should be treated lightly.  I am a Star Trek fan but I don't live in a basement nor do I make "bookoo" bucks:)  BUT there were engineers and rocket scientists in the group.  The adorable moments?  Get ready for that "awwwww".  Dads with their little kids building legos together.  Very touching.  But the only tear I shed was the one from wasting my valuable time:)  LOL!!  I can laugh about it now, but I'll tell you that I wasn't happy at the time.
If you are a closeted lego person up in Phoenix, contact Cactus Brick .  I'm writing this post with a smile.  Cactus Brick, if you do read this, I actually think your group is pretty cool. And I get what you do because I also secretly played with legos as a teenager.  I wasn't very good at it, but I did like it.  And to show you my appreciation, I snapped this shot for you from the San Diego Comicon of a Batman Legos creation because I love all things Batman. And one last thing before I end this write, if you guys ever doubt what you do or your meeting "get togethers"....look at your above pic and what you brought to the Phoenix Comicon and their families.  Some panels are inappropriate for kids but you made this something special for Mom and Dad to do with their children.  Hope to see you again next year in Phoenix, but this time I won't be going with the expectation that you will be building cactus!!:) And for my blogger friends, have you ever gone to an event thinking it was one thing and turns out to be another?

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  1. Yes, a couple of years back I started to speak to union demonstrators in Phoenix just to discover that they had been hired for the day!!


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