Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flight of the Magpie

We noticed this bird quite a bit while on our visit in Colorado Springs.  We had a "photo off" and the 3 of us snapped a billion shots of our surroundings.  There was this beautiful bird flying around town and I wanted to challenge myself and get this bird in flight.
 Set on rapid shot, I kept my eyes on this bird in the sky and on the rocks.  The Magpie can be seen all over Colorado Springs.
 It has been known to take off with people's silver trinkets.
 So with the new camera, I sat.....and sat.....and sat waiting for this bird to take off. When it did, my camera caught these fantastic shots.
 By the end of the night, my eyes were tired and blurred:)  They were used way too much on this trip. 
 I think this bird is rather spectacular in flight and it caught my eye in they sky.
 The Magpie is protected in some parts of the world as people believe these birds to be pests.
 Finally, it's nice to have a variety of cameras to get those shots. While my new camera is amazing, I'm thankful I kept my old one because these last two shots came from this "lesser" model. 

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  1. Nice photo's :-) I'm glad you are able to appreciate the Magpie. Over hear there are many people who see tham as pests, they are quite mistaken in their attitude!!


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