Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The North Gate

Yesterday, I completed the first full spring project. The barrels were heavy and thank goodness a neighbor helped me carry them to the front.  It will take awhile for these cactus/agaves to fill out, but once they do, it's going to be very beautiful.  They are very low maintenance for care here.  I look forward to seeing how this cacti garden will turn out. It's winter at El Presidio and so things aren't as lush as they usually appear to be. Days are warm and nights are cold.  Once the evenings get back to a low of 50 degrees, the plants will start coming back.  In the background you see the California Palm with the large messy 2 Live Oaks in the background.  Currently they are dropping acorns....and lots of them.  After that is done, then they drop leaves....and lots of them.  After that is done, they drop pollen...and lots of it.  Yeah spring with these oaks is not too much fun:)

No matter how hard you try not to prick yourself; it still happens.  I got needles everywhere....in my fingers(even though I wore gloves) and in my tongue and lips.  Long story, but I'll tell you this much, I'm glad I'm done with the plantings. I sealed the pots to the cement to keep them in place. 

I look forward to their growth and flowering habits.  It should be a quite a show in about a year.  A low maintenance garden that punches up the drab front a little.  I have some castor bean work to do now to add that purple punch on the wings of those cactus.  The front is going to look great....or at least I hope.  Until next time, happy adventures in the garden!


  1. aloha,

    they add such a nice design element to the entire environment...well cone


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