Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year In Review-Southern Arizona

 This year, I did a lot of travel around Southern Arizona. There are almost too many places to see, but here are some memorable experiences.  Whether it be from Ramsey Canyon above or along the San Pedro River below.....
 .....or in the magical world of Portal.........
.....near Buenos Aires wildlife preserve......
 ....or watching the thousands of Sandhill Cranes at the Whitewater Draw......
 .....driving and hiking around Picacho Peak.....
 .....or exploring the skies of Kitt's Peak.......
 ......or looking down onto Tucson from Wasson Peak...... and around both sides of Saguaro National Park........
.......or trekking the arroyo in Tucson..........
......Southern Arizona is a treasure that must be seen.


  1. Chris, thanks for sharing all the beautiful places in Arizona. Your photos are wonderful. Looking back it sounds like you had a great year. I hope 2013 will be just as wonderful.

  2. Stunning landscape photos Chris. What a beautiful area :)

  3. You've really gotten around this year to some beautiful places. Was really hoping to get down there for some guided walks with you and Kathie. Have no wheels has gotten really old. So I'm glad someone is getting out and about.

  4. Hi Chris, sounds like you had a great year... Amazing how much beauty there is NEAR to where you live... We do alot of exploring in our area too--and find something new and different every time we get out there...

    Happy New Year.

  5. Loving your year in review Chris!

  6. Beautiful! I'm not that familiar with AZ so your travels are always an adventure for me, too. :o)

  7. Wow Chris, so many beautiful places! I see why you are always traveling around.You are so lucky to have so many incredible places close by. I hope your adventures continue in 2013:)

  8. We do live in a wonderful place, don't we! Great photos...a lovely album of memories for the year!

  9. What a great set of shots! This is why Arizona is one of the states I most want to visit.

  10. (wow. see what happens when i can't do blog reading during the week...i get too far behind...yikes!!)

    beautiful pictures chris!!! as always! i look forward to seeing your world through your eyes...all the time!

    happy new year!


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