Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Panoramic Shots

 Today's post is unusual.  I've never had a cell phone before this year.  It has been a revelation in so many ways.  But the IPHONE 5 has a nice feature known as the Panoramic shot.  It is one of my favorite things to use while on our birding treks.
 Whenever we go out into the field, I like to take a shot of the place we are going to survey and place it on Facebook for my followers.   Throughout the day, Las Aventuras will publish the finds with several pictures.
 Several times I've gone out without my camera just to watch birds and not have the weight of photography on my shoulders.  On this particular morning, my kitty is helping me get some holiday stuffing going for a party we are attending.

The camera is also great for that "before everyone comes and messes up the settings" shot.  This particular pic was of our Thanksgiving get together.  Great food, great weather, great friends and just a wonderful day together.
 I am allowed to survey areas like Madera Canyon(above) and Sweetwater(below) before I begin my trek.
 The shot below is my classroom.  I love color and design.  After years of careful planning, I came up with the perfect classroom that allows for 70 people, one wheelchair, and room to move.  Not an easy task!
 And can you spot Kathie below??!  Overall a fun new toy that I'll be adding to my arsenal next year.  The camera is pretty nice as well.  Some shots I've taken with my IPHONE actually turn out better than my professional camera.  Shocking but true.......


  1. wonderful shots, can you post them onto your blog straight from the phone?

  2. I would probably have loved to sit in this such colorful classroom, it sounds fun.
    Your panoramic shots are great and they seem to tell me that I should start to take panoramic shots which I never take... :-)

  3. Hi Chris,
    I still have the IPhone 4s, and not happy with it's camera. I might just change to the 5 after seeing this....brilliant!

  4. Love those Panoramic shots Chris and your classroom looks superb :) Hows the bird count going?

    1. Incredible Robin. It's one session to the next. Plus the kids and university are all finishing up so I'm going crazy trying to keep up with this life! I leave for a New Mexico shoot in a week and hopefully it will slow down some and give me a chance to catch up on blogger. It's this time of year. But we counted 152 species in our city of Tucson. There are more but that's only what our team could spot....which is still incredible. Hope all is well in your world.

  5. Your iphone takes wonderful photos. Very cool! Have a great day and happy birding!

  6. Congratulations on joining the cellular world. I love panoramic shots, and take lots of them. Unfortunately they do not show well on a computer screen.

  7. Great shots. Surprising what some of these phones are able to do.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. I love taking panoramas. Have been doing it since I was a kid but then I had to tape them together. More fun now to just push a button and have it all stitched together. Your iphone does a nice job.

  9. I really like those shots Chris!

  10. What fun! Looks like a great feature. The pictures are great!

  11. Panoramas can be so fun. You have some great ones. I need to do the "before a party" idea.

  12. You make me want to get an iPhone. I've resisted---but I am impressed with the photos... Love the Panorama shots... AND--your kitty is awesome. What a cutie pie!!!!!

    I also enjoyed seeing your classroom. You must be an awesome teacher...

    Thanks for sharing.


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