Monday, December 10, 2012

Reliable Tucson Birds

Before I begin today, I have to apologize for the lack of blogging.  We have been hiking nonstop and when we're not doing that, I'm grading final exams.   It has been extremely crazy over here with the holidays in gear.  Personally, I believe everyday in life is a holiday if we make it that I never quite understood this time of year.  I like the actual day when family and friends get together but everything else just weirds me out. What if we could just spread it all out over the year and be nice to each other all the time?  OR What if we didn't make the holidays such a big production!?  Of course I only write this because it gets in the way of birding;) Speaking of birding....
Anna's Hummingbird can't miss 'em:)
Vermilion Flycatcher....get up and head to one of our many parks.  You won't miss this one!
The Red Tail Hawk is everywhere in Tucson.  In fact if you come to bird in Tucson, we'd like you to know that this hawk, the Cooper's Hawk, the Harris Hawk, Gila Woodpecker, Verdin and Vermilian Flycatchers are several of our main attractions.  Meaning....of all the birds that live in Arizona, you'll have a great chance spotting these birds.  There are others that are also reliable like the Anna's Hummingbird.  Some of our specialties(but not guaranteed to find) include the Sulphur Bellied Flycatcher, Elegant Trogon and  of course the many hummingbirds:) These birds are seasonal so check when they come to visit. We have the highest counts of these birds in the country! So here's my question for you.  If I were to go to your city, what would be a reliable bird I'd find on most to every outing?
                                                          Red Tail Hawk in Flight
Harris Hawks...depends where you look, but while I bird in Tucson, they are almost spotted on each outing.
The Verdin.  Research the sounds and listen for that hummingbird like sound....but not quite....and you'll find this little number hopping around you.  Sometimes you don't even know it!   
Reliable and Common bird....the Red Tail Hawk
Check telephone poles in the city.


  1. Sounds like I should check in with you before I decide on when to visit AZ. For me the Verdin and the hummers are a must see and the beautiful Vermilion Flycatcher. Your photos are wonderful, great post. Happy Birding, Chris!

  2. Some lovely photos there Chris. Hope things get quieter and less hectic for you soon.

  3. Very nice bird pictures Chris.....well done again.

    Greetings, Joop

  4. I love your comment about being nice to others all year long. It really pays off.

    The bird pictures are beautiful!

  5. Some good tips for people visiting Tuscon Chris. Unfortunately I am several thousand miles away and Id' just love to see all those common birds you mention, most of all the Vermillion Flycatcher - amazing colours. Nice shots of the Red-tailed in flight too.

  6. You have some fab shots of the Red Tail Hawk Chris, love the 'in flight' sure is a hectic time of year, personally I'll be happy when it's over!

  7. some of your usual suspects would be great finds for me! the verdin, the harris. the vermillion! very cool!

  8. This was a nice post! By the way, thanks so much for your comment on our Reid Park excursion and bird photos. I am glad to know about those warblers, but I am so BAD when it comes to the smaller birds! I haven't seen a red-tailed hawk that I know of, though the Cooper's Hawk, Grey Hawk and smaller kestrel have visited my yard in the past. Yep, a Grey Hawk. That was a thrill! The first Vermillion Flycatcher I saw here was in a small park where our grandson was playing on the equipment. I was so happy I saw it, but mistook it for the eastern variety I expected to see in Va. (the scarlet tanager) and only corrected my mistake later. I am lightyears behind you, Chris! Need to do some catching up! :-)

  9. Czerwonym ptakiem zawsze jestem zachwycona, co nie znaczy, że inne mi się nie podobają. Pozdrawiam.
    Red bird, I'm always impressed that does not mean that others do not like me. Yours.

  10. Those are some great regulars you have, and great photos of them! The Vermillion Flycatcher is beautiful! They are visit around here from time to time, but I've never seen one.

  11. I agree, all the holiday hubub is commercially overrated.

    Come to my backyard and be guaranteed to see cardinals, Gambel quail, scrub jays, ruffous sided towhees, sparrows and house finches plus more.

  12. We have hawks in the field out back. I need to figure out which ones. They aren't so keen on posing since they are busy with the voles and other small prey.

    We haven't seen a rabbit in years, good for growing lettuce.


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