Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hour of the Star

The best lighting for photography can happen at sunrise and sunset.
And in those moments, it's important to have yourself stationed and ready for the shots.
My challenge in Arizona is getting okay shots in the afternoon.  This state is notorious for bright light and washing out pictures.
So the tricky challenge in photography is lighting and predicting animal behavior.
It's also being in the right spot at the right time for those rare and close up shots.
Tonight I would finally get up close and personal with the Canvasback.  I had spotted this bird for the first time in October but the birds were far off.
And sunrise along with a couple lovers throwing bread crumbs would make for an active and fun bird outing.
While these are all birds I've seen before, I get to observe them in a new light each time.
Observation allows for better prediction in movement. Patterns.  Understanding.  And sound recognition.
It has been tight to fit in lately but I find that if I have a spare hour, I plan wisely just so I can get in one hour....somewhere.
After all, had I not gone tonight, I may have missed out on these amazing closeups of the Canvasback in flight.  More tomorrow....


  1. Your shots keep getting better all the time. Nice on the canvas back.

  2. Great photos Chris. Glad you were able to fit in that hour's birding giving such rewarding results :)

  3. Awesome shots, Chris! My favorite are of the Canvasback. Happy Birding and have a great weekend!

  4. These are wonderful shots Chris!

  5. the canvasback is SOOOO handsome! love that tiny grebe, too. :)

  6. Wonderful photos. I like early morning and late afternoon/evening too. Now that the daylight hours are so short there's not much time in between. :))

  7. The light is good in these shots. Great photos.

  8. what a gorgeous bird!!
    and i think your shots are awesome...ALWAYS!

  9. Perfect lighting for capturing these birds on film...a soft morning glow! Great shots!


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