Friday, December 21, 2012

A Birder's Holiday Tree

Happy Holidays!  May you have a safe and wonderful time with your family and friends.  
 Imagine if birds were a holiday tree.  You'd need to put up the lights and make sure every color would be represented.  The rule?  Use only the birds found in your area.   Here is what my bird tree would look like.......
I'd include all my pinks, blues, yellows, and reds......
......and there would be varying colors and shades of the same colors.
And what about that glowing angel on top of the tree?  I think I found one below:)
The simple truth is that there are too many choices that .....
....sparkle, glow and shine!
    I was only getting warmed up this past year.  But the new year will explode with new discoveries!
But there are just too many choices for one tree and I have 5 cats so......
I think that this may be a bad idea:)
All the shots were taken over this past year and were exciting finds. What would your bird holiday tree look like? 


  1. What an interesting idea Chris. Our tree would look mostly brown, as we mainly have sparrows and chaffinchs. There would be a little red, blue and yellow though with the robins and blue/great tits. Hope the run up to Christmas is going well for you. the radioactive bird for the top of your tree lol

  2. Humming birds all over :-) with peace messages!
    Happy Holidays to you Chris.

  3. You have a brilliant time too Chris.

  4. These are all just stunning, Chris. Your photography skills just keep growing and growing!

  5. Wow!!!.. What a beautiful birds.. i love the Cardinal.. So cute... Merry christmas!!!..

  6. What a beautiful tree that would be. I love all the birds and your photos. Looks like you had a great year! Have a great day and happy birding!

  7. Your bird tree would be beautiful Chris! What lovely colors!!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Fabulous Chris!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas - and all the best for 2013.

  9. Colourful! A tree covered in such beautiful birds would be amazing!

    I was new to birding this year so am looking forward to what 2013 will bring too. :)

  10. Beautiful photos Chris. Have a great holiday!

    The cardinal is especially gorgeous.

    Happy New Year!

  11. i'd definitely have black-bellied whistling ducks perched in mine. :)

  12. Your tree would be trimmed with little jewels Chris..I must admit mine would be pretty nice too, with the pink and grey Galahs and the rainbow lorikeets...have a wonderful Christmas, looking forward to many more beautiful birds next year..

  13. Stunning images and stunning colours Chris, enjoy the festivities mate!

  14. My trees are spotted with Cardinals.

  15. This is such a cute idea, all these different birds as tree ornaments! Makes me realize how lucky we are to have these living ornaments flying around us all year, Christmas is everyday in nature :) Hope your holidays are magical.

  16. Wszystkie ptaki są śliczne i kolorowe. W jednym poście tak dużo ich, że nie można wybrać jednego. Miłych wakacji. Pozdrawiam.
    All birds are beautiful and colorful. In one post, so many of them that you can not choose one. A nice holiday. Yours.

  17. Wonderful post Chris with some stunning photos of beautiful birds :) My tree would have blue tits, goldfinches, robins, long-tailed tits, kingfishers, goldcrests and perhaps a barn owl! and on top a Waxwing! Have a wonderful holiday and Happy Christmas to you :)

  18. Perfect for a holiday tree.... Love it!

    Merry Christmas.

  19. My tree would have painted buntings all over it, cardinals and blue jays....and a couple of yellow birds that show up in my yard that look like oriols (spelling?) to me!

    Your tree is gorgeous and has a shining star atop it!!! Thanks for sharing all your finds all year!


  20. each of those is the perfect holiday picture!!

    JOY to you & yours!! =)



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