Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inti Raymi

A trip to Peru will cure everything that burdens you in life. Things are so different here than what we usually do in our daily lives. Life is good.  Some countries have it Peru.  The high altitude of the Andes Mountains makes way for one of the ancient Inkan cities known as Cuzco.  Every people celebrates the birth of a new year.  The Quechua, descendents of the ancient Inkans, celebrate their New Year with purple chicha beer on June 24th. It is here that the winter solstice is celebrated.
It can get cold so pack warm clothes.  Thousands of Quechua indians from the Andes mountain regions come together in Cuzco where everyone celebrates in mass crowds around Cuzco's center square.  Women in little black hats tilted to the side reminded me that I "wasn't in Kansas anymore".  The people have a different body structure which developed over time from the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains.  This is an experience you won't want to miss.  But plan ahead.....a year if possible.    
There is dancing from all the different communities that extend not only from Peru, but Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador as well.  Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to party and see this incredible event.  There are fireworks at night with lots of celebrations going on around town.
There is even a festival known as the Huancaro that follows several days afterwards.  Watch yourself here as it can get packed.  This isn't for everyone and can be a little too much for people not used to a different culture.  If you want to take pictures of the llamas, you'll have to pay several soles.  Coffee is sold here.  Think of it as a county faire on the wild side. Few tourists are found here and you should have some Spanish to navigate around this massive farming event.  If you'd like to try guinea pig or other animals, they'll kill the little guys there and fry them up for you.  Like I said, this faire isn't like the one you may be used to:)
Pic taken by my friend Jen
What's interesting about Cuzco, well at least for me, was that there were a lot of cacti growing here.  I thought it was too cold there, but they did very well.  Plus they had several species I had never seen before!!!
I took these pics back in 2008
Truly a remarkable event, Inti Raymi will not disappoint.  Plan ahead as places get booked up quickly.

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