Monday, September 5, 2011

Giant Saltwater Crocs!

While birding along the beach, little ol' me wasn't paying attention to the ocean.  The pic above is clear.....but was it so clear below?
Someone called my attention to the water and I ran!!!  I wasn't aware that crocs could swim oceans!!  I thought that they just hung out in rivers.
Quickly I got off the beach and whipped the camera out.

Slowly Tito, the 15 year old croc(named by the Coiba Island crew), emerged from the Pacific waters.
Saltwater crocs are territorial and hang out near mangroves.  From a distance, they are really amazing creatures.  If one ever chases you, run zig zag instead of straight forward.
Obviously, they are intelligent creatures with extreme patience.  They have been known to stalk humans for days and observe their patterns.  At night, when people are sleeping, the croc will attack.  This is one of the few survivors, beyond dragonflies, that have survived the prehistoric times of the dinosaur. They are a predator to watch out for in the waters.  Protected in most countries, the Saltwater Croc is an extreme success story and is making a comeback after a near extinction back in the mid 20th century.  Most countries, like Australia, now regulate their populations as they have exploded over the past 2 decades.
During our stay on Coiba Island, we spotted 3 saltwater crocs floating like logs in the water.  These crocs can get quite large.  Just check out this giant saltwater croc caught alive off the shores of the Philippines!  This one checks out at 21 feet!!  So if you're in an area that is lucky to have these amazing reptiles, keep your eyes on the look out:) Here's a vid I shot back on Coiba island from this past summer.


  1. Hi Chris, at the start of this post while still reading i am already thinking of telling you about the one i saw in the news last night, the 21+ ft crocodile caught here in Surigao, and that is where we had been the last few days. I posted the waterfalls we visited there. Then at your last photo, i realized you already saw the news there, haha.

  2. Andrea, did you see it? I hope he'll be alright in his new home. While I was reading the article, I was interested in the marshland where there may be more of these large saltwater crocs? That's incredible. It sounds like an incredible place!


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