Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flowers on Mt. Lemmon

In May, I went up to my friend's cabin on Mt. Lemmon where we stayed for the weekend. Here are some interesting flowers that were blooming while we were up there.  The small Thimbleberry bush was all over the place in heavy shade.
Desert Paintbrush
On a hike through the burned(yet recovering) trails of the Aspen fire, another kind of fire sparked forth from the landscape.....the Desert Paintbrush.

The Mt. Lemmon Marigold is a favorite Tucson perennial....and it's a butterfly magnet.
The Mt. Lemmon Marigold
Dotted throughout the landscape, the Silvery Lupine added that extra color.
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  1. All are beautiful! Blooms on the Mt. Lemmon marigold remind me of golden ragwort, a native evergreen groundcover that blooms here in spring.


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