Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stormy Revelations

Hi there gardening friends,
The shadows of the fern garden during our storm last night.
I have some exciting garden writes coming up.  Slowly I'm getting inspired again to work my magic on the El Presidio Gardens.  As we get further into the month, I'll be doing a close up on our gardens here.  It's just been so hot and nasty that I hate being outside.  I water and that's all!  However, today I'm doing some plant shopping.  Last night, we had a wonderful rain event that made me look at the gardens differently....and I actually felt inspired to work outside again.  While construction goes on around the property ever so slowly, there are parts that are making me happy.  The fern garden looks amazing right now and it has been attracting butterflies and at least 3 different kinds of hummers.  Here's a vid of our thunderstorm and rain event last night.  And my final white cat, Luna, has figured out that when I take my camera out to snap pictures, it's usually because there are birds outside.  Now that's one smart and annoying little kitty.  She usually chases all the birds away.
The White Kitty, Luna

Update.  It has rained again today but much more intensely tonight with a tornado warning issues a county over. It has been raining for 2 hours now.  Good news is that I won't have to water tomorrow:)  Another round is forecasted for tomorrow.

Here's a total cheesy video of the fern garden from El Presidio during the storm.  It was pretty though!  I figure if I'm going to keep documentation of the gardens, I might as well be creative with it:)  This is slowly becoming a Sonoran wildlife garden and has attracted many birds and butterflies.  The challenge will be to incorporate this similiar theme into other areas of El Presidio.  I have to do very little now that everything is established.  Mostly all of these plants are xeric or drought tolerant.


  1. Are there actual ferns in this section or is this area just ferny in appearance? I always thought Arizona would be too arid for ferns. I liked your video!! :o) Not cheesy at all!

  2. No ferns at all:) Ferns WILL NOT grow here because it is too arid....except the Asparagus fern which doesn't look too much like a fern:) I miss ferns so much from Wisconsin that I created a similiar "fern" appearance with desert plants which makes me feel happy:) Plus when the wind blows through the leaves, it makes everything look great. Thanks for your vote on the video. I think non gardeners watching it might start laughing and wondering who would put something like that together. Ah who's for us desert gardeners:)


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