Friday, September 16, 2011

Birds of Mt. Lemmon

These pics taken on the weekend of May 20th(when the world was supposed to end:) Today I'll highlight several of Mt. Lemmon's winged residents.  Put the bird seed out and they will come........
One of things that I have noticed since beginning this blog last year is the detail and research that goes into each post. Rule 1.  Grab camera.  Always grab the camera.  Rule 2.  Snap pictures; ask later.   Rule 3.  Break pics up into manageable themes.  Rule 4.  Research! Identify theme.....which today is birds.
This post was my second birding effort after visiting the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  My Panama birding post would be my 3rd and best.  I have learned a lot since then about snapping shots of birds!!  There's definitely a trick to it. Click on The Closeted Birder or Hummingbirds to see my birding attempts.
Steller Bluejay
They don't like to stay still for my shot.  This Steller Bluejay drove me nuts.  I just wanted a pose!!:)
I'd get the pose and then the pic would come out blurry!!!  I have learned to use the sports option on my camera for getting a clear shot. Just be ready to delete lots of pics from your camera afterwards.  Memory is such an important thing.

This Grosbeak was very kind:)  As you can see life goes on after a fire.  Tomorrow some wooded shots.....


  1. I didn't know the world was supposed to end - again! I'm pleased it didn't because I would hate anything awful to happen to those wonderful birds you feature in this post, and I look forward to the next post, Roherbot.
    P.S. I've looked at your other blog, found it fascinating and bookmarked it to look at when I've got more time and energy.

  2. Hola:) I'm glad it didn't end as well. The other blog isn't like this one at all, but I really like it. I'm always reading NASA journals and then I'll find something like...planet discovered around a 2 sun system and looks to be like Tatooine from Star Wars with potential for life!!! This Keplar Mission is awesome. Hope you are well. Now I have to go to work:(

  3. Rohrerbot, that Steller Blue Jay looks great, lovely bird!

    PS ive posted another Blue Tit today for you :-)

  4. Thank you!!! Heading over right now:)


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