Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Twilight Tuesday

One picture to rule them all.....with my new camera....here is the night shot I was waiting for.....the night blooming cactus....and the dragonfruit behind.....I. Love. My. Camera. There were more flowers coming and I'm glad I made this purchase to capture shots like this. It justifies the expense:)


  1. Dear Rohrerbot, Sorry that I am rather late in leaving a comment, but for some reason this posting did not appear in my 'Faved Blogs' list.

    I have never heard of this nocturnal beauty of a plant. You have captured its magic here.

  2. Hi Rohrerbot, I grow dragon fruit and just love to see the blooms at night. I have taken some photos of the blooms but it has never turned out as nice as yours.

  3. Thank you so much....this camera is great fun. I love photography a lot......so it's fun to share with others. Plants are awesome!!

  4. Butterflies and caterpillars, two of my favorite subjects! You have a wonderful blog, very interesting to me since it is totally different than my Iowa garden. I did not realize mosquitoes were a problem in your neck of the woods, it was a banner year for the horrible little critters in Iowa this summer. Vicious beasts.


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