Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sexy Cactus

I love cactus!!!  Right now everything is blooming...while similar in flower to the viny nightblooming cactus, this one is called the San Pedro cactus and is a large monster.  They are easy to transplant.  Blooms open up at night and close early morning.  The flowers from both these evening cacti are slightly different from one another....the flower on the San Pedro is upright and reminds me of white fluffy feathers(above)....while the Night Blooming Cereus(below) has  more of a hanging lizardy and tropical feel. Both are sexy.  Compare the above pic with the bottom pic below this caption from these two amazing cacti.

Notice the black bee below the flower. He was in the flower when I spotted him as if he were sleeping.

At a friend's house...the Cactus Queen

This plant was given to her for Mother's Day by her son.



  1. WOW! A beautiful cactus for real!

    Wonderful pictures shared. Thank you!


  2. Ooh la la! Sexy indeed. I have a pool that is surrounded by pygmy palms. There isn't much space, and I can't did very deep because I always run into concrete or irrigation line. I would like to accent the pool with some color. Suggestions?

  3. I have the same situation in several areas around the property...I can't dig deep in the soil because of concrete, electrical line, for those areas, I have 3 suggestions as these are the 3 that I will be putting together this next year...but these are just thoughts to deal with those areas that need just a little extra...1. Colored pots...put in a dwarf fruit tree or anything you need for height etc...thriller, filler, spiller. 2. Stone/ can find them at Home Depot like places and create a mini planting area or 3. Construct a wooden planter to the width and height of your desire. I am doing this in the front of our building as that same issue you are having is also my you have any pics?:) Good luck.

  4. What beautiful flowers! The first one reminds me a bit of a water lily flower, which is funny since these flowers grow on very different types of plants. Here we rarely see cacti growing outside, and I've never seen one in bloom.

  5. Wow! Cactus blooms are really beautiful!!


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