Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Sur

Notice the waterfall on the left
Ohhhh...the weekend is almost here.  My class starts Saturday at the Tucson Botanical Gardens and I am excited.  So I'm taking a break from the garden talk and into images that excite the imagination for your garden and maybe a place to visit.......

Big Sur is located off of Highway 1 South of Santa Cruz.  There are several trails around the area and if you can, stay a night or two to enjoy the ocean views and waterfall.  I certainly wish I had more time visiting this place.

There are lots of plants to see and some historic places along the ocean that will grab your attention.  I would save this for the Highway 1 trip.  Start off in beautiful Santa Barbara and work north.  Go as far as you can and bring a good camera to take some amazing pics.  Just bring some money as there aren't many gas stations along the way and the ones that are there charge a pretty penny to the fill your empty tank:) Happy adventures wherever they may the garden or on the road:)

My sister and brother-in-law....I waited for that one:) This shot was awesome:)


  1. My husband proposed to me on a cliff overlooking the ocean at Big Sur. Beautiful memories! :)

  2. Definitely one of my favorite places to visit. I hope you have a great time at your class. Hasn't the weather been wonderful the past couple of days?

  3. This morning weather makes me feel like going out there and working:) And the plants are feeling happier as well. I am getting sick of watering all the new plants I put in the ground this year....but once established it should be low maintenance. I can't wait for it get cooler!!


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