Monday, September 6, 2010

My New Camera

Cassie telling me enough already with the damn pictures!
Now she's just posing for her night treat

Yes...this is ridiculous....but look at that face!!
So after staying way past my bedtime....I finally figured it out.....and it was after many many pictures taken.  Manual is the way to go and Auto for the are some amazing pics today from the garden.  I'm really excited about having a real camera in my life instead of borrowing my mother's all the time:)

Look at the detail!!!

Look at the annoyance:)

My poor cats were tortured while I shot these pics and I also discovered that some parts of the house need to be cleaned better and I was disgusted. Okay....enough of their pics...this is a garden blog!:)

Look at the detail!!! Sexy crepe mytle!

Some news about what is going on with me.  I will be joining the Tucson Botanical Gardens next weekend learning the ways of the docent.  It's a 3 month course every weekend from butterflies to xeriscaping.  I am extremely excited to be finally, after all these years in Tucson, connecting with the local garden community.


And finally, I busted my tookus off today on the grounds....potting and potting and more potting of cacti....yes I have needles to prove it:) I planted the calamondin bush and I worked putting in the other new plants.  I will say that I feel like the plants are ready for summer to be over....their leaves are showing it.  September is the worst month of the's my most unfavorite time to be alive in Tucson.  I hate gardening...I hate being outside...the mosquitos attack in the hundreds...maybe's humid....and overall, it sucks.  No one likes living here during this month....until October comes....and then our story changes:) So if you visit Tucson, come during monsoon if you like it hot or come from Mid-October thru the first weeks of May....but I don't recommend September:)

Today's big project

I look forward to posting some really awesome shots.  Thanks everyone for your comments and reads.  I really am enjoying this blogging stuff:)  Happy Gardening!!

White Oleander

This camera even caught a spiderweb...look closer:)


  1. The cats and garden pics are delightful. Enjoy your new camera and your work at the botanical gardens. :)

  2. Lovely! Enjoy playing with your new camera. So much fun. :)

  3. Wow, I cant believe we have all these plants in common. Well at least I HAD a tiny crape myrtle that perished.


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