Monday, September 20, 2010

Like a hot brownie outside......

Moist, hot, steamy........seriously???  Seriously.  Monsoon is taking her sweet time leaving Tucson.  It would be something if it just rained....but it doesn't.  The air just sits on you and the mosquitos suck your blood. The new official end to monsoon is coming to a close and this week there is rain in the forecast along with 100 degree temps.  Isn't fall around the corner?  My garden is out of control weedy and needing an extreme haircut, but with the bugs out there the way they are, it's not going to happen:(

Dog owners and poo.  Why must people who own dogs be so disrespectful to other homeowners and not clean up their mess? A young neighbor just adopted a cute puppy but have decided to not clean up after their dog.....basically there are mines all over my garden areas.  Step one.  Cayenne pepper.  Step two.  Call the HOA board.  Step 3.  Call Pima County Health if the issue does not resolve. And of course, the neighbor has been contacted and advised but he still continues allowing the dog to use the bathroom.....ugh! Rude. 

Anyhow, sorry about the negative feel to this post, but I represent Tucson today and how we are ready for our hellish heat to be gone.  Knowing that it's just around the corner only makes it a cloudy cold winter day, our hot humid moist sunny skies will come to an end and we are eager for it to be gone.  The Greek Festival begins this week to welcome Fall and with it, her cooler temps.  Gardeners all around will rejoice for lower temps:) Keep your fingers crossed:)


  1. Can I make you feel a bit better perhaps? It was 111 up here yesterday but you probably already heard that. :)

  2. Ugh!!! Seriously....I hate this month so much. I look forward the heat of June but by's done:) I have brand new plants that are on a drip line just waiting to be planted....and there are about 9 of them...some bushes just sitting there...and I keep adding more to the collection of....I'll get to it tomorrow:) We can do this!!

  3. I hear ya! Texas is taking it's time cooling down as well. I'm soooooooo ready for October!

  4. Mo must be from Phoenix too. We often think of you guys down in Tucson as living in a cooler clime! Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to meet you.


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