Friday, September 3, 2010


A UNESCO site/Valparaiso
The "San Francisco" of Chile

The Andes Mountains

Wine country, seafood, empanadas.....and a coast that reminded me of California and just as diverse.  While I was there, I enjoyed their wonderful food and ambience.  I went to my best friend's wedding in Santiago.  It was an incredible journey with a lot of great memories.  Remember to bring electrical adapters and NEVER plug in anything straight out of the US like hair dryers OR electrical shavers as you will blow out your hotel's electricity as I did:). It can be quite embarrassing. Here are some pics from this incredible place.
Up the Andes...on the way up, I saw a variety of Saguaro that grows on this mountain chain.  It was interesting....very similiar looking but browner.

So what do Chileans call the vegetable "chile" in their country?  The answer is "ají". Most other Spanish speaking countries call it "chile":)

Portillo..between Argentina and Chile

Sunset in the Andes

Up to Portillo

At Portillo

Los Andes


Los Ascensores Climb

Viña del Mar

Notice the palms in cooler weather

A traditional meal of all meat

The train that connects Valparaiso to Viña del Mar


Jacaranda by Pablo Neruda's home Valparaiso

Los Andes


  1. It looks like a beautiful country. I LOVE Jacaranda tress. You blew out the electricity in your entire hotel? :-)

  2. was embarrassing. I thought...oh I'll plug in my electric razor and no one will know......bad idea:)

  3. Love the photos! I suppose I can see the resemblance, mostly because of its topographical and ecological diversity. The last photo was really pretty to say the least.

  4. Muito grato pela sua visita, como também pelas suas palavras no meu blog....
    Belas as suas fotografias...Espectacular....

  5. Good evening!

    It Must have been a spectacular voyage ... that photos were so beautiful!

    I really liked the flowers I saw here on your blog ... so delicate ...


  6. A beautiful country and it seems you got wonderful souvenirs!


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