Saturday, September 25, 2010

Interesting Plants

Mesquite Pods

Happy weekend!  I just got back today from another brilliant class on garden maintenance and pruning. Again, I received way too much information to put in one blog plus I have more to write about on a Tucson tradition.  Stay tuned for some helpful Tucson tips on yard maintenance, fertilizing, and pruning along with one of Tucson's great events of the year....the Greek Festival.  But for now, I wanted to share some interesting plants I have been keeping my eye on at the Botanical Gardens.....


equisetum hyemale

Agave Desmettiana

Madagascar Palm
                                       or pachypodium lameri...this one is frost I would bring it indoors on below 40 degree nights...... 

Here are some random pics to add to the mix....nothing to do with plants...experimental shots with light and darkness......not good but you can see what the top of my roof looks like:)

At full image, it is a bit blurry

Two of my kitties sunning


  1. Well, I love cats, Agave desmettiana (I have one in my front garden) and have always wanted to try growing horsetail. What a great collection of photos :-)

    Now, if only the weather would realize that it is fall.....not August ;-)

  2. love that horsetail. Pretty shots of the rooftop and cats - cute little bundles of softness.

  3. That horsetail looks beautiful. I like the Madagascar Palm too.

    2 of my agave plants are flowering right now. It's quite a sight. You can view here if you are interested :

    Will be looking forward to your tips...


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