Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who's in the garden?

The Life Cycle.
This pic, moth and pupa pic were taken from the Curious Naturalist
All other pics and vid are from my camera
Rustic Sphinx Moth
Enough of this 100+ degree weather!!!  I am so sick of watering every 3 days's getting old!! And the mosquitos need to die.

Tonight, while watering the plants after work, I notice that my Tacoma stans bush has lost its' leaves.  I've seen this before and I know it's the work of the hornworm catepillar.

Several signs that point to them are their dark square like droppings around the area.  Looks like it's from the movie Aliens.

You will also notice giant green catepillars on the bush that look dangerous....remember the rule, where there's one, you'll usually find another:)

They won't harm this bush at all and it will grow back so I let them do their damage.

Do you see two?

I had difficulty taking these shots as the sun was setting and I think that this is a common problem snapping shots during this time of day....I've heard it's hit or miss.


I didn't notice the bare branches today until after I started watering.

My actions.  Nothing.  Nature comes first.  Bats will eat these critters or they'll grow to be moths....but I know one thing.....they aren't doing anything to the bush, and I know it will come back:) They are fun little surprises to have in the garden:) 



  1. You are doing a really nice job with your new camera. I'm with you - ready for it to cool off.

  2. Those pesky tomato hornworm caterpillars are the worst. They can strip your tomato plants overnight of all foliage.

  3. Love these! I had some a couple of years back over halloween. I really enjoyed watching them until they were gone. Hope I get more this year too.

  4. P.S So with you on the weather and mosquitos!

  5. Wow. Great pics and info Chris! Thanks for sending me this link!


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