Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Black Plague....of Roses

So yesterday I went outside and discovered that my roses could be doing better, but they aren't.  The roses are small and shriveled and I noticed the stems/canes are black.  I went crazy today and cut all the black slippery stems off and thorned myself on several occassions using some bad language.  I talk a lot to myself when I'm working with the plants and don't realize that I am talking outload sometimes. If only I could see how I look to my neighbors....:)  It must be quite the sight. 

Notice the black canes on the left and the healthy green ones on the right. What is going on?
My sense is that I overwatered these guys and created a fungal disease. Canker?

Here is where you all might have something to say.......
I trimmed the bushes to the ground leaving the main canes shorter and then I moved the irrigation tube. All suggestions were to remove the black canes so that they didn't infect other canes....well that made me cut the bushes severely as a lot of black canes were attached to the main node.  I will put some fertilizer down and this may be a waste of time?  I am new to roses and they are treated a bit differently than some of our other I'm wondering, am I doing the right thing?  Help!!:)


  1. Oh, gosh, sorry but I won't be the person that gives you advice. Most of my gardening is done by instinct.
    Sounds as if you did some adjustments based on instinct as well.
    Love your background.

    Good luck with your roses. Hope they come back healthy.


  2. Hmm, I'm not sure what that problem is.

    I fight blackspot disease every year on my rosebush (well, actually I've stopped fighting it because there's no point). Some of the canes get a bit ugly and all the leaves get yellow and fall off, but they canes don't look like that.



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