Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

This just made my night.  Thank you Casa Mariposa for this award.  I hope I live up to the fun and excitement that I try to bring everyday to this blog.  February is going to be an exciting time and I look forward to sharing some incredible finds and discoveries around Arizona and my great love...Tucson!  This blog is also very "garden-esque" but you wouldn't know it lately with all the birds and travels going on around the state.  Simply put.  It's kind of the downtime right now in the garden as plants are dormant, but I'll be back in March with more on the El Presidio Gardens.   But for now, as is fashion for this award, here are 7 random facts about myself:)
The painting that hangs on our wall at home over the fireplace and reflects my personality.

1.  Huge Star Trek fan....in fact all things Star Trek guide my life and decisions.

2. Guilty of loving one plant too much....the Jacaranda.  Should I have it here in Tucson?  Well I'm in midtown so the answer is....kinda:)  But it's my sacred tree that I will protect as long as I'm alive and it's the only one I pamper at El Presidio.  I'm hoping this year that it will develop beautiful lavender blooms again this summer. Last year, it was almost killed after a severe freeze. But it snapped back and looks great right now.

3.  I love to read.  Currently on my kindle, I'm reading the Hunger Games and I'm on the 3rd book.  I've just read the Game of Thrones series and met George RR Martin this summer.  It was pretty awesome:)

4.  Big language geek.  Teach Spanish and have been doing this stint for about 16 years.

5. I have seasonal depression and need sunlight to survive in this world.  At a young age, I knew that I couldn't live in Wisconsin forever.  I got my degree and headed out to Arizona in 1996 where I began my journey.

6.  I love Egyptian stuff. We're planning adventures for this magnificent country next year summer in 2013.  If it becomes unstable, we'll be heading to Jordan.  Huge fan of pyramids and all things related to travel.

7.  I own 5 cats and have a wonderful spouse of 8 years. We are cat hoarders.  We all drive each other nuts as we live this crazy life.  Sometimes Pat gets irritated by my constant roadtripping and gardening but secretly enjoys the torture:)

This has been a lot of fun and thank you TS at Casa Mariposa:) for such a fun award.  This blog centers around Tucson and El Presidio Gardens as they are the heart of my writes, but I enjoy travel and nature.....and you'll see those as well:) My posts usually run around 2 AM Arizona time for my overseas friends who are just starting their days off and will be ready for my US blogger friends reading posts with their tea and coffee in the morning.  And like I always sign off, "More tomorrow...":)

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  1. i like versatile! since i don't garden, i love to see your photos and views from travels. :) congrats to you! keep it up!


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