Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Registering for Machu Picchu

Dear friends,

If you're looking for a great hike to see some ruins this summer, then you'll want to check out Machu Picchu.  But you need to register now! as permits go quickly.  250 people per day are allowed up on the trail.  June and July fill up fast so plan now. The holiday of Inti Raymi is June 25th and thousands of people make this trip from within Peru, the Andean mountains, and from around the world to celebrate the Quechua new year.  I am placing a link here for availability.  "Disponible" means availability.  Plan ahead for this trek.  My account of Machu Picchu goes through the physical ups and downs of the trip:)  Be warned.....days 2 and 3 are challenging:) 

But you won't regret the effort and time it takes to get here.  It was one of the most amazing journeys in my lifetime.   Before the trek, give yourselves a couple days to acclimate to the higher altitude which will help you climb this epic Lord of the Rings trail.  No orcs....just Inka Trail bears....if you're lucky to spot one:)  Happy Adventures!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous adventure --even though it is challenging... The photos are AWESOME... I'd love to see more from that trip.

    Have a great day.

  2. Just the name of that place sounds so exotic to me!

  3. You are so lucky Chris. That is my dream of a lifetime, just like Tibet, however it looks like it might not be possible. It takes a big budget for us from here and that is my problem. I have read all the posts in your first hike there, and I am awed and so thankful that at least I can feel your personal experiences. I am envious, i will be waiting for all the escapades you will be posting. Take care.

  4. Hi Chris, I've always wanted to do this trek but I'm think I've left it a bit late. But at least I made it to the Himalayas - my other main bucket list hike. cheers, cm


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