Monday, January 30, 2012

Soaking It Up

Not an atrractive picture, but one that needs mentioning this time of year.  Tucson gardeners, newbies to the desert, you may have found my blog by accident or are just darned curious about bareroot roses.  Roses are not only red in the Old Pueblo, but yellow, blue, orange.......well I could go on and on.  Remember, before planting any bareroot rose to let it sit in a bucket for at least 24 hours which will allow the roots to soak up some water before hitting the dirt:)  In fact, this is my project for today.  Yesterday, I bought my roses and put them in the bucket.  Today they go into the ground with some soil and love.  You can grow roses here...and so many of them.  We have two blooming seasons...late spring around May and around mid October.  So if you doubt planting a rose bush, rethink it.  They aren't difficult to grow here.  They do require some pruning and a little more TLC than our native plants, but I think you'll like the results.  If you are new and looking for roses, here are some links that might help you out.  There's a post on Hybrid Tea Roses in my own gardens.  There's a post on Descanso Roses.  Want to see an actual Rose Garden in Tucson?  A little magic from a potted rose near my window?  Or how about some tips to get your started on your February Garden that includes some rose information?  Have some fun this next month.  Now's the time to get bareroot roses and fruit trees into the ground.  More tomorrow.....


  1. I just planted a few flowers this morning myself. I am not adventurous enough for the roses though. I guess I am just too lazy to take care of them.

    However, we are thinking about giving our landscaper guy a pink slip so I may be asking you some questions!

    1. I gotta tell you. I gave our landscaper the slip 3 years ago and never regret it. They do more damage than good and the money is going out the window when you can be using it for other things like flowers or landscape plants.

  2. Good luck. I tried growing roses but they aren't happy growing here.

  3. We can grow roses here too, but we must really be staying in our house near the garden to be with them most of the time. They are not the type which thrive mostly on neglect. They need pampering too, so i dont have them. LOL. Hi Kreesh!

  4. You are too funny Andrea:) Roses can be a bit fussy here as well but if they are in the right space, they do well. Hope you are doing well. It's nice to hear from you:) Kreesh:)


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