Monday, January 16, 2012

Cloudy Ambitions

The solitary Sandpiper....

Yesterday I went to the Sweetwater Wetlands to do some photography.  The intent was to go and try and film something in cloudy weather.  And it was dark.  The purpose was to try out my new lense for today's photoshoot in Willcox.  That post will be up and coming.  In the meantime, I have been working on a lot of cool stuff from the garden, outdoors, and oh so much more:)

But it was also kind of magical.  The city was busy and the traffic for some reason was terrible.  And it's always bizarre to hit this awesome patch of nature in the city that makes you forget you are surrounded by streets and homes. 

What was even better?  There was something very relaxing about watching people bird quietly in the rain.  I sat down in one spot and just let my mind wander.  The ducks were flying around all over the place and so were many other birds. 

How do birds know where this place is?  As I've been discovering, there is a lot of water throughout the desert in patches here and there.  Where there's water; there's life. For now, here are some quiet moments to reflect upon....
I finally got a shot of a hummingbird in the natural setting!  I have a million of them around my yard but we're friends and I give them handouts.  This guy doesn't know me and Mother Nature was providing the food:)
There's nothing like seeing a hummingbird in the wild. And to be honest, there's nothing like being outdoors!
Here's a not so great shot to prove that a thousand shots are taken for a few barely acceptable ones:)


  1. love the beautiful hummingbirds (oh, i see it's a costa's per your label). is that a clapper rail in that last photo?

  2. To radość, że jest takie miejsce, gdzie można pójść , usiąść i zobaczyć tyle wspaniałych ptaków. Zazdroszczę kolibrów, a nas ich niestety nie ma
    :-(. Pozdrawiam.
    That joy, that there is a place where you can go, sit back and see so many great birds. I envy hummingbirds, and unfortunately we do not have their
    :-(. Yours.

  3. oh this was such a treat......wish I could have joined you
    nice camera shots....what kind of hummer is that?

  4. Hi all,
    I'm having issues with the reply option on this thing. I just came back and it was an amazing trip. That's all I can say. The pics will be coming very soon. I'm really excited about a lot of the photo shoots that I've been on over the past month and in about 3 days, it will be nonstop. The photo shoot today was tricky and I am moderately happy with the results. Out of 500 shots, only 23 were accepted as okay to really nice.
    Tracy-the long lense is tough to use!! There was wind today and so it would knock everything out of focus. On top of that, the sun hindered me from seeing my display accurately. Therefore several shots were toast.
    Suz-It's a Costa Hummingbird. Hang in there my friend. I know times do get tough. Just remember that little squirrel and his big puffy cheeks eating seed. Hugs my friend.
    Giga, you may not have hummingbirds but I've seen things on your blog that we don't have here and they are absolutely beautiful!
    TexWisGirl, I think it's a rail, but I'm not sure it's a clapper. I'm still a baby birder yet, but I know it was out of place:)

  5. Great pictures... I agree---there is nothing better than being outdoors...

    I have hummingbirds here during the spring/summer ---but like you, I have never seen one in the wild before... That is awesome... The Costa's Hummingbird is GORGEOUS.

    Like the reflection in the first photo of the sandpiper... Neat!!!!!

    Thanks for the great photos today.

  6. You must have the nicest time there! I would love to be there. And really good shots of the birds. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy Nature!!

  7. Beautiful shots and great pics of the hummingbird.

    Look forward to the best of the photos.

  8. Beautiful birds and lovely photographs.
    What stole my heart was the hummingbird.

    Thanks for sharing with readers.


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