Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chestnut Sided Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler
 Mother of pearls are some birds hard to film!  Today I went to the Sweetwater Wetlands in Tucson to practice using my new scope lense for tomorrow's adventure into Willcox.  Once I figured that out, I did some birding.....
 ......and the challenge was on!  My eyes and ears are good at hearing little things.  It must be from all that teaching I do with kids.  Well it comes in hand with birding as well:)
 This bird was by far the most difficult to film and my hands had to be quick with the shots or I'd miss the opportunity.  It is rainy and overcast today so I thought I'd challenge myself to still look and see if I could find anything.
 There were several birders on the grounds and it was a lot of fun being around them.  We noticed certain areas that were higher in unusual bird sightings than others which included the bridge near the parking lot.  And this is where I discovered this rare to find bird in Tucson. 
 But the two of them would make me work for my money while doing the photoshoot. What these little birds were doing in Tucson is beyond me?  And of course, I start thinking about how this all happens and how interesting it is that birds migrate from state to state.
So there you have it....the Chestnut Side Warbler...non-breeding adult:)


  1. Good photos, impressive use of the new lens. I don't think I've seen one around here, but just getting into this after noticing there are a lot of different birds passing through all year.

    They should already be in Columbia, so they must find the weather in AZ to be comfy.

  2. Nice work! Are you still using the Canon or did you purchase something else?

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Still using the Canon TI3 Rebel and it's an upgrade since October. I had a Point and Shoot Canon IS which was great but now I'm in control of the shots which has really made my job easier. I use 3 lenses and my favorite is the 75-300 zoom. The telephoto lense is the trickiest and the wide lense makes getting wide open shots possible....but I like the middle lense the best:)

  3. Smart looking bird Rohrerbot. You did well to get a photo of it, as it looks quite small and fidgety!

    1. Oh Warren fidgety doesn't even describe the darn thing! Pretty bird though:)


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