Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Snowman for the Garden

A gift from my mom, this feeder holds Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for larger birds.
This is for my dear blogger friends who love to garden, plants and enjoy landscaping.  I will have a lot to report on the El Presidio Gardens soon but because it's winter, I'm working on small projects around the property.  In March, I begin putting in the new transplants, pruning and fertilizing around our place.  I know my blog has done a lot on the wildlife so far this year along with the travel, but I wanted to let you know that I'll be back in the garden again soon.  We always hope that the plants will grow and succeed.....and when they do, they create a lush environment safe for all creatures great and small. I think what many of you are witnessing with me is that transformation of our garden space here. Many of the plants are maturing nicely and with it comes the new visitors.
So I'm going to pull this set of 3 pics further back and describe to you what it is that I'm doing. This holiday, my mother gave me a large seed birdfeeder.  Although I already have a regular bird seed feeder which feeds the smaller finches, thrashers, morning doves and sparrows, it doesn't cover the larger birds like the desert cardinal. We have desert cardinals here in the neighborhood and they rarely stop by our garden.  However, I'd like to make this place a permanent stop on their daily routine.  In the photo, from left to right, you'll notice the Desert Fern, San Pedro Cactus, Oleander, and the tiny leaves of the Jacaranda to the far right corner.  The Desert Willow during this time of year is dormant, therefore I hang the birders on it so we can see the birds clearly.  While the Snowman may seem out of place it adds a bit of oddity to the garden.  You'll see me doing this over the course of the year around the grounds.  I'll be adding strange tiny little art forms here and there to make the spaces POP and yet serve as functional pieces for wildlife.  I am now towards the end of Phase 3(establishing plants) and will begin Phase 4 this year.  Color and art.  Phase 1 was fixing up old systems, pruning and assessing the grounds.  Phase 2 was the removal of all plants inappropriately placed around the buildings.  Phase 3 was the creation of the gardens(this is the longest phase).  But the fun comes this year with the addition of our new fountain and colorful pots, etc.
The fern garden at El Presidio so called for the ferny like foliage on the trees.  Very few fern species can grow here in the desert...the Aspargus Fern is fun but it doesn't look like a fern to me:) For my desert garden friends, notice how I use a tree that is deciduous and give it a makeover for the winter. This Desert Willow serves as the central spot in front of our window while providing beautiful flowers in spring and providing food for our hummingbird populations. Just a side note.  When I first began this blog, everything was so innocent and cute.  I look back at those pics with fond regard. So much has changed since then.  My older Desert Willow post reminds me of a better tomorrow that holds promise.  It was during a time that I had doubts about what it was I was doing, but today, I see it all happening before my very eyes...and it makes me proud.


  1. You have a lovely garden, I sure in the spring summer it looks gorgeous with all the plants blooming. The Snowman bird feeder is really cute. I enjoyed this post and your photos.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just saw that you have another blog on travel and you were just in Panama. I'm looking forward to reading those posts today. We were just in Panama this past summer. Beautiful place!

  2. oh you know I love that feeder
    but I was expecting to see a photo of you having fun in Wisconsin....
    the garden looks great

  3. Hi there! Tomorrow, I'll be back at it again. When I put these posts together, I felt like I was losing connection to the garden and wanted to link Wisconsin, a gift, and my Tucson garden back together just to remind my desert friends that I'm still here:) I can't wait for this weekend. The week has dragged on......and on....and on...:)

  4. the snowman is a nice reminder of Wisconsin! :)

  5. Mam nadzieję, że bałwanek będzie czuwał, żeby wszystko było w ogródku jak piszesz :-). Pozdrawiam.

  6. Just love that snowman bird feeder.

  7. There is something about any kind of snowman in the desert that just sounds so...perfect.


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