Sunday, March 6, 2011

Xochimilco, Mexico City

Xochimilco(pronounced SO-SHE-MEAL-KO)

Today we're making a stop in Mexico City off the blue line of the metro.  Mexico City is big with lots to do.  Here is an adventure I took in the late 90's on this wonderful day trip.  The metro of Mexico City is wonderful because you can get anywhere you need to just by using their inexpensive metro station.  If you don't speak Spanish well or it's your first time, I wouldn't recommend using the metro for this day trip.  There are busses or taxis that can take you here, but it will cost you more money. I only write this because Mexico City can be overwhelming for some tourists as there are A LOT of people. You also will need to keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times when in DF.  This can also be stressful, but I believe a trip to this great city is worth all the effort in the world.

It's a beautiful day on the canal with families renting boats and having dinner on the river. If you don't bring food, don't worry!  People will boat up to you and ask you if you'd like some Mexican cuisine.  Personally, I did buy some tamales and my favorite corn, chile, mayo with lime juice treat....esquites.  My mouth waters thinking about it.  Never drink open water...always bottled in Mexico City. And if you have a sensitive stomache, I would bring your own food instead.  I've been to Mexico many many times so my body is used to the street food which brings me to my next point.The canal can be dirty at times with trash floating around in the water.  It makes me sad that Mexicans feel the need to throw their trash anywhere they please because their country would be so much more beautiful if they didn't do this.  It's not because they're lazy; it's just a matter of education.  The state of Tlaxcala has really cleaned up their efforts with environmental campaigns over the years.  While things are improving in Mexico regarding this issue, some places still reflect the Mexican attitude about throwing trash out their windows, onto sidewalks, and into the river.  My Mexican family gets so angry at people in their town who throw trash on the sidewalks.  Not all countries are equal....I love you Mexico, but I have to write this one negative point.  From my travels, Mexico is the dirtiest of countries while Spain is the smokiest(regarding cigarrettes).  I hear so many tourists and locals complain about the trash while I'm on the road.   If you don't mind some trash in the canal, this is a good trip to take.  If the trash bothers you, stay away.

However, you'll miss out on some of the lovely vistas and towns that settle along the canal.  Here you'll find some lovely garden centers selling geraniums and other tropical plants.  Most of all it's just a time for people to get together on the weekend and enjoy one another's presence.  If you have some time, I do recommend stopping here and observing some wonderful Mexican family traditions. It's inexpensive and just one of the MANY activities you can do as you explore this wonderful city.  If it weren't for the trash, I'd "highly" recommend the visit:)  Until next time, happy adventures!! 

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