Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tanque Verde Falls

Waterfalls in Tucson? Yes.
This is part 3 of the Redington Pass adventure.  It's a rough hike along the way, but worth it all once you've reached the Tanque Verde Falls. 

Getting there can be difficult and you have to climb many rocks making this an excellent day hike in March and April.

You have to climb a steep hill to reach this little canyon oasis.  Next to the waterfall is our beautiful Arizona Cottonwood which is commonly found along rivers/creeks here.

Please be careful during monsoon in our summer months or during a big rain event as people have lost their lives here.  A story comes to mind of a college student who jumped in after his poor little puppy and never returned.  Bring your swim suit but be careful of the rocks in the water.  These falls are wonderful but many college kids are new to the area and don't always understand the dangers of our desert. However, this is a popular place that is in a spot where not everyone can get to......

....therefore making it a Tucson treasure for hikers who want to escape from the general tourist population.

Happy Adventures from Tanque Verde Falls!!!


  1. It's a lovely setting, but the water seem so little. Does it get larger in other times of the year? I am inviting you to see some of our waterfalls in my penultimate post. thanks.

  2. During monsoon or winter rain, this waterfall becomes extremely powerful and dangerous. Every year about 1 or 2 people die because they weren't aware of how strong currents were...very scary.

  3. Tanque Verde Falls KILLS PEOPLE. Promoting hiking in this treacherous natural killing machine is a mistake. Were we to have left all the bodies where they fell, the place would be littered with bones and corpses.

    After forty years I've seen too many dead young people in this disgusting place. Loaded too many into body bags to send back to their families.

    Blow it up or dam it up.

    Enough blood already!


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