Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lake Tahoe

Taking a mini break from plants today, I thought I'd write about another fun trip in California.  Lake Tahoe is an interesting town with a lot of outdoor activity.  It can also be very busy on the weekends or during holidays.  One of the things I remembered from this trip was the terrible bumper to bumper traffic.

We enjoyed taking a beautiful bike ride through the woods and town.  Lake Tahoe is a colder lake with some rustic looking places. We hiked along the beach to the Nevada border where we found a road of casinos in the middle of nowhere.

It was a nice little getaway for several days, and most of the outlying areas of Lake Tahoe were somewhat undisturbed.  I was shocked, at the time, from all the development going on.....however once we left town, there were a lot of beautiful forested trails to explore.  Lake Tahoe is a popular summer destination while in winter, it turns into a popular skiing spot.

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