Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Desert vs. Water

Today is just a random post.  I'm sure everyone has had a discussion about this at some point in their life.  Do you prefer mountains or oceans?  I grew up on Lake Michigan and love the water, but I prefer the mountains over water.  In our house, I have two glass vessels that represent the basic idea of Desert vs. Water. They are opposite one another and represent the balance they bring to our lives.  So....what's your opinion?


  1. I grew up 3 hours away from the Canadian Rockies, so I always took mountains for granted. I could see them pretty much anytime I wanted to take that short car ride. Now, the closet mountains are the Smokies, about 5 hours away West. They're nothing like the Rockies, but beautiful in their own way. Never really get out to see them much though :(

    Mountains win out by an edge. But maybe it's because I now live so close to the ocean. It's only a 15 minute drive to the beach. I'm taking THAT for granted now lol.

    Never been to a desert, so I have no opinion on that. ;)

  2. Thanks for visiting. In the Vancouver BC area, we have wonderful mountains and water of all types in plentiful supply. So I'm always excited to visit desert, mostly for those sunny blue skies. In fact, we are planning a trip later this month through the NV/AZ/CO/UT area, and I'm looking forward to some sun!


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